Lanvi T. Nguyen

Lanvi T. Nguyen

Artist, Illustrator, Photographer, Designer, Dreamer


Lanvi is a Vietnamese-American artist based in Northern Virginia. Whether through photography, music, painting, illustration, or other mediums, hers is a creative life dedicated to seeing the world in a state of wonderment and wakefulness. Lanvi’s vision of the Everlasting Forest was inspired by her profound love of trees and the playful reverence that exudes within her soul for all to see.

Lanvi is an alumnus of Virginia Commonwealth University’s School of the Arts, She has dedicated herself to documenting her environments both familiar and foreign, spending recent years photographing abroad in Asian South Pacific countries. Her work includes both micro-studies of objects and full-scale observations.

Nguyen believes that every image contains unspoken words that form a narrative or a conversation that renders her photographs like visual poetry. Her investigation of the physical world focuses less on what is seen through the lens of a camera, but more on what is made visible by it. All nature exists in a state of flux, so each image is unique in the compression or expansion of time, space, or surface.

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