Forest Friends

The Forest Friends are ambassadors for the Everlasting Forest.

The Forest Friends love to hang out in bookstores.

We are imagining, dreaming, bringing into being a series of fourteen books, based on the Forest Friends that live throughout the Everlasting Forest. The first book in the series, A Worldly Adventure, introduces readers to the thirteen Forest Friends. The following books will take us on unique adventures through each Forest Friend’s backyard. This enchanting series visits cultures across the world, bringing knowledge and wisdom to life through visual and lyrical storytelling. 

The Forest Friends represent thirteen unique destinations.

The Forest Friends in Alphabetical Order

Blissful Bodhi – A Blissful Adventure

Bountiful Baobab – An African Adventure

Brave Bonsai – A Forest Adventure

Caring Cacao – A Jungle Adventure

Cosmic Cypress – A Gigantic Adventure

Graceful Ginkgo – A Flying Adventure

Curious Coconut – An Underwater Adventure

Healing Hawthorn – A Bedtime Adventure

Magical Maple – A Sweet Adventure

Optimistic Orange – A Colorful Adventure

Oracle Oak – A Mystical Adventure

Super Spruce – A Snowy Adventure

Truthful Tea Leaf – A Mountain Adventure

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