Brave Bonsai

Brave Bonsai is a young Juniper tree about to be planted into a permanent Bonsai container. Bonsai carries a traveling stick made of Rowan (traveler’s tree). Bonsai loves to read books as a way to experience the world beyond container gardens. Two magical goldfinches fly to all the destinations that Bonsai dreams about and share what they see. Bonsai also loves cats and cats love Bonsai.

Brave Bonsai asking the goldfinches to explore.

Brave Bonsai’s Family: Brave Bonsai comes from a compact evergreen species of low trailing Juniper, known as Juniperus procumbens, that’s native to Japan and is part of the larger cypress family. The word “Bonsai” in Japanese, means “tray planting.” The Japanese art of Bonsai is focused on creating small trees that look exactly like full-grown trees in the forests. Bonsai trees symbolize harmony, peace, balance and nature. Bonsai can be created with a wide variety of trees, such as cherry, juniper, fir, maple, cedar, dogwood, hawthorn, fig, elm, olive, cypress, willow etc. 

Growing Climate: Container Gardens

Botanical Lineage:

  • Species: Juniperus procumbens (low trailing juniper)
  • Genus: Juniperus (Juniper)
  • Family: Cupressaceae (Cypress family)

New Book Coming Soon!

Title: Brave Bonsai – A Forest Adventure

Storyline: Bonsai is looking forward to becoming a Bonsai tree, but before being transplanted, Bonsai wishes to go on an adventure through a Japanese Forest. Brave Bonsai invites Truthful Tea Leaf and Blissful Bodhi to experience the Japanese art of forest bathing called shinrin-yoku. They all meet at a Torii gate near the entrance to the forest. As the friends walk, they breathe in the scent of cedar, pine and cypress trees. A waterfall greets them as they stroll onto a bridge and over a pond filled with Koi. They come upon a forest of bright pink cherry blossoms before walking through a bonsai display. At the end of their walkabout, they enter a tunnel of purple wisteria. Bonsai explains how trees, rivers and waterfalls are sources of Kami (divine spirit) and by being true to one’s heart we practice Magokoro (sincerity). The process of meandering through the forest purifies and rejuvenates the Forest Friends. At the end of the journey, Brave Bonsai is refreshed and ready to sink its roots into its new home. 

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