Optimistic Orange

Optimistic Orange lives in a fragrant orange grove in Brazil. Optimistic Orange is creative and carefree and brings laughter and fruits to everyone. Sweet Orange wears an elegant blue and white robe with a Mediterranean pattern. Woven baskets filled with ripe oranges are never far away, because Optimistic Orange loves to pick them up and juggle. 

Optimistic Orange juggling oranges.

Optimistic Orange’s Family: The word orange comes from the Sanskrit word for orange tree, naranga. The roots of all Citrus trace back millions of years to the native citrons, pomelos, papeda and mandarins of the Himalayan region. Humans brought citrus to Asia as they migrated east around 3000 BCE. About 500 years later, sweet oranges, Citrus sinensis,  –  a hybrid of pomelo Citrus maxima and mandarin Citrus reticulata – were first cultivated in China. Orange trees are flowering evergreens with fragrant blossoms, fruit and wood. In Latin, the word citrum means “sweet fragrant wood”. In Italian, citrons were called cedro, inspiring the genus name Citrus and the naming of cedar as Cedrus, another sweet aromatic evergreen.

Growing Climate: Warm Climates

Botanical Lineage:.

  • Species: Citrus sinensis (Sweet Orange)
  • Genus: Citrus (Citrus)
  • Family: Rutaceae (Rue or Citrus family)

Sweet oranges are the most cultivated fruit in the world and are divided into four classes: common oranges, blood oranges, navel oranges and acid-less oranges. They are famous for their delicious, sweet juice and high vitamin C content. Orange blossoms, associated with love and good fortune, are popular for wedding bouquets and perfumes. Both oranges and orange blossoms are used in fine cooking, liquors and orange marmalade. The rind of an orange is used to produce “zest,”  a flavorful ingredient used in baking and cooking, as well as being the source of orange essential oil, a popular fragrance for perfumes and aromatherapy.

New Book Coming Soon!

Title: Optimistic Orange – A Colorful Adventure

Storyline: Optimistic Orange invites Truthful Tea Leaf and Blissful Bodhi to attend the annual Carnival parade in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. They arrive at the orange grove where Optimistic Orange lives. Loaded on a wagon are baskets of colorful fresh oranges, lemons and limes.. They jump aboard and ride through the countryside toward the parade. When they arrive, they watch the fruits become colorful hats worn by Samba dancers. The friends see even more fruit being added onto colorful floats. A giant arched rainbow is created from colorful fruits such as purple jabuticaba, blue plums, green limes, yellow lemons, orange oranges and red strawberries. Trays of fruit join the parade as Optimistic Orange begins to juggle oranges. Soon all three have joined the parade as it marches down the street, a kaleidoscope of joyful color and music.

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