Healing Hawthorn

Healing Hawthorn is a natural healer who is gentle, smart and soft spoken. Healing Hawthorn wears pajamas with red hearts and fills its pockets with fresh hawthorn berries and leaves. Hawthorn carries a special wand made of a Hawthorn branch from which the thorns were removed before being carved with ancient Celtic symbols.

Healing Hawthorn sending love to everyone.

Healing Hawthorn’s Family: The genus name Crataegus comes from Greek, kratos meaning “strength” and akis “sharp,” referring to the thorns on its branches. Haw is an Old English term for its edible apple-like fruit, so the name hawthorn therefore speaks to both the fruit and the thorn. Hawthorn is also known as the May tree in European legend. The star-like blossoms of hawthorns are one of the last to bud in spring; this is seen as a signal that warm weather has finally arrived. In Victorian England, in what was known as the “language of flowers,” the hawthorn represented hope. This language was “spoken” through the art of flower arrangement.

Growing Climate: Very Adaptable

Botanical Lineage: Lives throughout the world in tropical coastal climates.

  • Species: Crataegus monogyna (Common Hawthorn)
  • Genus: Crataegus (Hawthorn)
  • Family: Rosaceae (Rose family)

The common hawthorn Crataegus monogyna has been used for thousands of years to heal a “broken” heart. In folk medicine, the flowers, leaves and fruit are used to help reduce blood pressure, anxiety and inflammation. In Chinese medicine, it is used to improve digestion and cardiovascular function. Modern medicine is now using hawthorn to help treat chronic heart failure, elevated cholesterol and coronary heart disease. It is seen as a tonic for strengthening heart contractions, thereby decreasing fatigue and shortness of breath, all of which helps to improve endurance. Hawthorn blossoms can be made into teas and tonics. The haw fruit is harvested into jam and wine, while the wood can be carved into sacred items and boxes to hold our hopes and dreams.

New Book Coming Soon!

Title: Healing Hawthorn – A Bedtime Adventure

Storyline: Healing Hawthorn invites Truthful Tea Leaf and Blissful Bodhi to a sleepover in the branches of an ancient Hawthorn tree in an English cottage garden. They arrive at dusk, just when the morning glories are closing their blossoms for the night. They climb up to their hammocks using the thorns like steps on a ladder. They drink a cup of Hawthorn blossom tea in cups made from Hollyhocks. The tree is filled with love and wonder. A mother and father finch tuck their babies into a nearby nest. A spider is weaving a beautiful mandala. A sweet little hedgehog digs under the tree. The friends snuggle into their cozy beds made of rose petals from the garden and marvel at the fireflies. The moon is full as the friends begin to doze off in bliss. Blissful Bodhi dreams of hawthorn blossoms in spring, while Truthful Tea Leaf has visions of ripe berries in fall. Two robins are cuddled together like a heart on a branch above. Healing Hawthorn uses its wand to surround the sleeping friends in a bubble of love.

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