Truthful Tea Leaf

Truthful Tea Leaf is the designated spokesplant and problem solver for the adventures of the Everlasting Forest Friends. Truthful Tea Leaf practices peace by speaking truth. Truthful Tea Leaf offers traditional tea ceremonies to those in need, which calm the mind and promote inner peace. When done as a group, tea ceremonies can bring people together as a community. Truthful Tea Leaf wears a traditional Nehru jacket in various colors, accented with a Darjeeling blossom. Nehru jackets are hip-length jackets with a mandarin collar named after India’s first Prime Minister, Jawaharlal Nehru. Nehru was a peacemaker who saw Mahatma Gandhi as his spiritual father.

Truthful Tea leaf and Blissful Bodhi are twin ceremonialists who complement each other with their meditative offerings and gifts. Truthful Tea Leaf speaks for Blissful Bodhi, who has taken a vow of silence.

Truthful Tea Leaf (right) with best friend Blissful Bodhi (left)

Truthful Tea Leaf’s Family: Truthful Tea Leaf is a Darjeeling tea that is grown in India. Darjeeling tea is considered to be the “Champagne of Teas,” because it only grows in the Darjeeling District of West Bengal, India. Truthful Tea Leaf is a member of the Theaceae (Tea family), which includes Camellia Sinensis var. assamica along with ornamental Camellias.

Growing Climate: Micro-climate, 7000 ft above sea level – Darjeeling region of India

Botanical Lineage:

  • Species: Camellia sinensis (Black, Green, White, Yellow and Oolong teas)
    • Variety: Camellia sinensis var. sinensis (Small leaf tea)
  • Genus: Camellia
  • Family: Theaceae (Tea family)

The word sinensis means “comes from China” in Latin. Camellia sinensis is native to both China and India, and has been known and loved by humans for 5000 years. A British surgeon for the East India Company is credited with creating the Darjeeling variety by planting Camellia sinensis var. sinensis seeds in the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains near his home, Beechwood, around 1841. The tea is named for the Darjeeling region of India, which at 7000 ft above sea level makes it the highest altitude tea in the world. The Darjeeling plant is a small evergreen tree or shrub that produces an aromatic black tea with a sweet, fruity and earthy flavor. Its unique scent and flavor is often compared to fine wine. Darjeeling tea is 100% hand-cultivated due to the fact that it grows on steep hillsides. Today, 70% of it is grown organically. India is the second largest producer of tea in the world, next to China. Darjeeling tea represents only 1% of total tea production in India, making it a very rare and special tea.

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Title: Truthful Tea Leaf – A Mountain Adventure

Storyline: Truthful Tea Leaf decides to host a tea party in the Himalayan Mountains. Tea Leaf asks Blissful Bodhi and Graceful Ginkgo to trek up the mountains. They gather fresh tea leaves, water and milk along the way. On their hike they meet a yak, a sheep, a snow leopard and an eagle. Each one offers the Forest Friends a gift for their adventure. Once they reach the mountain top, they enjoy their tea and meditate on their journey. On their walk down the mountain, they reflect on the gifts they received. By the time they reach Truthful Tea Leaf’s home they are filled with gratitude.

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