Oracle Oak

Oracle Oak lives in the fabled oak forests of the French-German countryside, where the ancient Celts and Druids once lived. Oracle Oak wears a simple robe, warm yellow socks that glow in the dark, and a small pouch filled with acorns of wisdom. A crystal amulet is secured at the waist and a sacred caterpillar necklace is draped over one shoulder. Oak is able to travel through time using its oaken staff adorned with stars. A nearby fairy door symbolizes Oracle Oak’s ability to gain insights into the past, present and future. 

Oracle Oak and the fairy door.

Oracle Oak’s Family: There are over 500 species of deciduous and evergreen oaks in the Quercus genus worldwide. Oracle Oak is a European oak, Quercus robur. Quercus is Latin for “oak” and robur is Latin for “strength.” All oaks belong to the Beech family, Fagaceae, which also includes chestnut trees. In Celtic and Druidic cultures, oaks were considered the most sacred of trees. The name Druid, the teachers or mystics among the Celts, can be traced back to the Sanskrit words daru “tree” and vidya “knowledge.” As the word deru meant “oak tree” in the Celtic language, a Druid therefore had the “knowledge of an oak.” This knowledge was obtained by merging with an oak tree on a spiritual level and traveling through the three worlds of existence – the lower world in the roots, the middle world of the trunk and the upper world in the branches.

Growing Climate: Worldwide

Botanical Lineage:.

  • Species: Quercus robur (European Oak)
  • Genus: Quercus (Oak)
  • Family: Fagaceae (Beech Family)

Oak trees, which can live to be 1000 years old, have inspired epic stories of their divine nature and enduring strength since antiquity. In ancient Greece, the Oaks of Dodona in Epirus were consulted as oracles that spoke when the wind rustled their leaves. Oaks were often struck by lightning and yet they survived, which inspired stories of their legendary strength and wisdom. This mystical connection with oaks influenced not only Celtic culture, but also Greek mythology, Judeo-Christian belief, Norse mythology, etc. Oak trees are the national tree of countries such as France, Germany, England, the United States, Poland, Lithuania, Moldova, Serbia, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Estonia and Wales. Oracle Oak comes from a lineage of trees that have provided wisdom, food and shelter to humans and animals since the beginning of time. 

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Title: Oracle Oak – A Mystical Adventure

Storyline: Oracle Oak invites Truthful Tea Leaf and Blissful Bodhi to a mystical forest along the Rhine River between France and Germany. Oracle Oak brings them to a 1000 year old oak that can take them on an adventure through time. They walk through the fairy door at the base of the oak and find themselves transported to the forests along the Pacific coast of North America 9000 years ago, when native people gathered acorns and ground them into flour. They then travel to the land that is modern-day Turkey to see people 8500 years ago making clothing from oak bark, called bast, by shredding it into fiber and weaving it into cloth. The friends jump forward in time to meet the mythological Oracle Oaks of Dodona in Greece 4000 years ago. Next stop on the adventure is France, 2000 years in the past, to watch the Druids collect mistletoe from a sacred oak, before skipping to Norway 1000 years ago to see the Vikings build the oak ships that sailed across the ocean to Newfoundland. The last marvel on the friends’ tour through time are the oaks of Sherwood Forest that inspired the tale of Robin Hood in England 500 years ago. They join in the festivities of a medieval Renaissance Faire, and finally emerge through the fairy door with acorns and Renaissance flags as souvenirs of their travels. 

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