Misty Moonbeam

Misty Moonbeam brings balance and harmony to the Everlasting Forest by conducting cosmic symphonies between the earth, sun, stars and planets. Misty Moonbeam is nocturnal and is often found conducting sounds and movements between frogs and fireflies to create magical music so everyone can sleep. Misty Moonbeam wears fluffy white pajamas that sparkle in the moonlight. Magical stardust flows out of its hands whenever Solar Fire Fox or Little Light Bear needs it. Together they can transform energy to help the Forest Friends travel through time and space. As a dream conductor, Misty Moonbeam walks gently on the forest floor with soft glowing feet, while eating berries and making friends with all the nighttime creatures.

Misty Moonbeam in the Everlasting Forest

Background: Around 4.5 billion years ago Earth was a hot molten rock, spinning in a fast wobbly orbit around the Sun. A smaller rock named Theia collided into Earth, which caused Earth to tilt on its axis. Theia bonded with a portion of Earth’s molten surface before breaking off and becoming the Moon. The Earth and Moon became inseparable as the Moon helped slow down Earth’s wobble as they both orbited the Sun like two dancers in perfect harmony. The Moon reflects the light of the Sun onto Earth at night. The cosmic dance between the Sun, Moon and Earth causes the Moon to change from a glowing circle to a crescent before disappearing and reappearing approximately every 30 days. By dancing in the moonlight the creation of time was inspired.

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