Wise Old Owl

Wise Old Owl functions as a silent elder who watches over the Everlasting Forest and the Forest Friends. Wise Old Owl is a horned-owl (Bubo) with a violet lotus flower on its head. The lotus represents enlightenment and connection to all three worlds of existence (lower world, middle world, and upper world) Owl appears out of nowhere as a silent watcher and protector of the Forest Friends as they travel around the world. Wise Old Owl will silently intervene to help the Forest Friends by calling upon Misty Moonbeam, Solar Firefox and Little Light Bear. Owl remembers everything, and sees everything from an enlightened point of view. A flower blossom appears on Owl’s chest as a symbol of its big, open heart.

Wise Old Owl in the Everlasting Forest

Background: Wise Old Owl is a horned owl in the Bubo genus. The genus name Bubo is Latin for Eurasian eagle-owl. There are approximately 20 species of Bubo that live throughout the world, including the Great Horned Owl. It has a loud hooting call that can be heard from dawn to dusk. Bubos have great hearing and observation capabilities and can move throughout the forest without making a sound.

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