Little Light Bear

Little Light Bear brings stability and joy to the Everlasting Forest. Wearing midnight blue pajamas covered in stars and planets, Little Light Bear loves to bring everyone together and guide them through the Everlasting Forest. Little Light Bear lives with Big Light Bear, but it is Little Light Bears tail that gets all the attention. The North Star shines from Little Light Bears tail, bringing comfort and peace with its soft and shiny essence. Little Light Bear prances lightly through the forest spreading love and positivity. Little Light Bear also works closely with the Solar Fire Fox and Misty Moonbeam to help guide our Forest Friends around the world.

Little Light Bear enjoying a dance.

Background: In the Northern Hemisphere, there is a stationary star that all others stars rotate around. This North Star is called Polaris, the Pole Star. Polaris is one of seven stars in the constellation of Ursa Minor the “Little Bear”. Polaris is located at the tip of Little Bears tail. Little Bear is often called the Little Dipper. Polaris, our North Star, is a supergiant that is eight times the mass of our Sun and 2,000 times brighter. Near Little Bear is the Big Bear named Ursa Major, which looks identical to Little Bear and is often called the Big Dipper. Because the tip of Little Bear’s tale contains the North Star, it has been an important guide for thousands of years for life on Earth.

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