Solar Fire Fox

Solar Fire Fox is the one who brings warmth and sunlight to the Everlasting Forest. Solar Fire Fox functions as an intermediary between the sun and the four elements of earth (fire, wind, water and air) to create magical portals for the friends to travel. Solar Fire Fox loves to tend to the trees and flowers as they grow and blossom. As a powerful and focused creator, Solar Fire Fox is also delicate and tender. When not shining light into the forest, Solar Fire Fox loves to play the guitar and dance between flickering firelight and mystical moonlight.

Solar Fire Fox in the Everlasting Forest

Background: Over 13 billion years ago…a giant explosion scattered stardust across the cosmos, giving birth to billions of galaxies containing trillions of stars, planets, moons and black holes. Eight billion years later, in the Milky Way galaxy, a special star was born in an area known as Orion’s Arm. This star grew hotter and stronger until it fused stardust and gas into planets and rocks. When these planets began to orbit this special star, it became a Sun at the center of our Solar System. Solar Fire Fox brings the energy of the Sun to the Everlasting Forest. As a star on earth Solar Fire Fox enjoys shining light on others so they can shine as well.

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