Limited Edition Author’s Proofs

Order your very own hardcover revised First Edition Author’s Proof! 

This is your chance to own a limited-edition, hardcover revised author’s proof of The Everlasting Forest – A Worldly Adventure. Each hand-numbered proof will include Lanvi and Laural’s signatures, along with a Forest Friends bookmark. Your support helps to bring our vision closer to reality, as we begin our search for the right publisher. 

$55.55 – includes shipping

Join Truthful Tea Leaf and Blissful Bodhi on a cosmic adventure around the world. Come along as they travel through a magical portal to gather their Forest Friends for the very first time. Be carried away by their words of whimsy and wisdom as they bring forth the gifts that will inspire many adventures yet to come.

This vibrantly illustrated 48-page, 10” x 10” hardcover book, features detailed full bleed illustrations that invite readers to explore and learn about trees, while feeling joyful and inspired.

The artist, Lanvi T. Nguyen brings The Everlasting Forest Friends to life by combining a dynamic combination of visual mediums. She incorporates pencil and ink drawings on vellum, watercolor paintings on 300 lb. Fabriano cold-press paper, stunning photographs and raw materials from nature. A very traditional art making process ensures there is dimension and liveliness in each image. With the use of digital software, Lanvi layers all of these visual elements together to create magical landscapes for the Forest Friends you will meet and love.

The author, Laural V. Wauters, has a lyrical yet educational style that is informative and fun to read. She inspires the mind to contemplate the deeper communications of trees. Since childhood, Laural has felt a connection with trees and the archetypal stories they hold. She believes that these stories, from across many cultures, highlight the profound presence and gifts trees bring to our world. By appreciating the diversity of trees, and their messages, she hopes to shed light on how interconnected we all are. 

Together, Lanvi and Laural have created a world filled with joy to delight children and seekers of all ages. The poetic words and lush landscapes of the Everlasting Forest will transport readers around the globe, to meet the legendary Forest Friends as they share their stories. These two artists have masterfully combined their crafts to create a sensory experience in which the trees speak, and the reader can sense the ancient magical world where their wisdom was born. 

An elixir for the soul, these tales invite children and elders alike to gather together and share in the wonder of the natural world and the thrill of adventure!

The Everlasting Forest: A Worldly Adventure promises to be a truly special and meaningful gift for any and all ages.

This book springs from our love of the earth and humanity, and we hope it touches your heart and life. 

Thank you for your support, and for bringing one home.

Illustrated by: Lanvi T. Nguyen
Written by: Laural V. Wauters

Copyright © 2021 by Lanvi T. Nguyen and Laural V. Wauters. 

All rights reserved

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